What is teaching? Why would we want to teach?

A Course in Miracles says that we are all teachers & that we must teach another if we want to learn something

Whatever you believe you will retain. Whenever we hear something we must process it- it must resonate as something we believe or we will filter it out. This in itself is an evolving wisdom filter for as our truth or light raises with learning & connection  to love increases our perspective changes & thus we filter thoughts differently. It’s constantly changing! Love is constantly expanding & we are continually experimenting & stretching our boundaries. As we do we are discovering continually new experiences, sensations, knowledge. There are no limits nor will there ever be. This I find so incredibly fascinating, don’t you?

You have something to teach. You have something to learn. Many of you believe that they are two different things.  They are wrapped together in a spiritual dance of intertwining energies. Everything you learn, you will eventually teach and every time you teach, you learn something new. ~ Creator, Re-posted from Ron Head channelling
In order to teach something to another you must be focused on it yourself to even think about it. In thinking about it you are in realtime testing the boundaries of that very thought in realtime.& discovering new angles to explore, discovering unexplored aspects & concreting the rock solid aspects of that thought or deepening convictions. As well, one must consider the thought from the aspects of how to translate it to another – how will the understanding be transmitted? There are so many variations! The overall effect it that you as the thinker are understanding the concept to a greater depth. As like attracts like & whatever you focus on expands, so does this concept you are teaching – new thoughts are in effect attracted to join the current thought…

You are a perceptive being & you learn from what you are teaching in the aspect of how the thought is received by your audience. Are they receptive at all, what IS working, what isn’t in your delivery or communication & in their receptivity or allowing for their perspective(s) is never that of your own

As we are one in a unified consciousness there is a deeper aspect of learning from what another is learning
As you expand in your knowledge your perspective , beliefs & wisdoms, & to sum i all up, love increases. Your external environment is a reflection of what you believe & teach. As such this too is evolving with you, not to mention the effects of all the other souls & what the universe or God may have produced into your awareness. Amazing! Awareness breeds more learning & more teaching & more expansion!

It is interesting to note the overall design of teaching-learning-enlightenment-ascension. God has crafted it in such a way as to be in itself a perfect construct of divine love in that we must come together as one. We cannot ascend without our brothers or sisters. In order to learn something ourselves we need the teaching interaction of another. We learn from each other & we are much more connected than we realize.  In as much as we are ONE we need each other in order to be complete. We cannot achieve enlightenment, completeness or be come perfect love without our brother or sister – we’re all in this together . The more entrenched you become in divine love as an emotion & beingness, the moire one discovers that there is an innate desire to assist another. Orchestrated perfection!!! Awesome love!!!

Are you feeling jazzed? Iam! I hope this helps you. Davo
Please share your thoughts & pass this message on , for we all benefit from teaching & oneness

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