When All Else Fails

The Creator Writings

Before we begin there are a few important things for you to remember.  These are necessary to keep in the forefront of your consciousness as you undergo your ‘upgrade’.

You are loved….even in your most unlovable moments.

You are always supported by The Universe.

You came for a specific purpose. You may not remember our

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Your New Level of Pure Divine Love Essence Expression

Message from Lady Nada and Lord Sananda ~  ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda
Greetings Beloveds, to All that you Are in this beautiful world you are creating. Behold the world you are creating. Hold it in your hands and hearts of pure essence, of pure Divine LOVE essence, and ponder what you have created.

It is a new world, expanding and beautifying as we speak. Encompassing all and purifying all because you have reached a new level of excellence, of expanded pure Divine Love essence that is permeating all within and around you.
And you begin to take it for granted, dear ones, as you should. The world as others project it, in illusion and duality, is no longer your world. It is but a memory to you now as you embrace your purity and your divinity and harmonize all your aspects into pure Christ Consciousness, into pure Divine embodiment hosted by your physical body, but you are so much more than your physical body now.
You are learning to walk and talk in this expanded state of pure Light and Love, of pure Source Consciousness, pervading and penetrating every part of you now.
Get used to this expanded state. Begin to welcome the remembrance of your true nature, of your True Divine nature, and welcome it as your new normal.
We, Lady Nada and Sananda, come to you together as an example of the sweet essence of your potential harmony and wisdom that you contain and hold as your truth now. You hold the higher frequencies from which we speak to you, and so you are also of this higher frequency from which we speak. You know the truths of which we speak, and you carry them within you now and spread them to others in your daily activities just by radiating your true nature of unconditional love and understanding and compassion for all humanity.
You hold humanity with the perpetual ‘glue’ that holds the universe: … LOVE … Divine Love … Unconditional Love. It has created a lightness of your being and enables all to demonstrate the same. It is your truth now; it is your purpose. You hold the world together with Love, you hold the Universe together with Love, you hold the Multiverse together with Love, and from that you raise yourself to new heights of consciousness you have not seen before.
So beloveds, hear our words. You have come such a long way. You have elevated to frequencies you once only dreamed about and you are here amongst us, all Ascended Masters, all Celestial Beings, all Galactic Beings, doing your part to hold the frequency of Love in such a sustained way that you no longer see the world in illusion, in separation, but in Unity and totality of Divine Love Expressions everywhere.
This we say to you in complete confidence that you are realizing this, and that you are using this truth to create everything out of Love now. You live in Love, you work in Love, you walk in Love, forever more. Feel the buoyancy of it, feel the softness of it, feel the reality of it — Divine Love at the core of everything you do, think, and say.
You are magnificent in your expression of Love. Everything else is illusion. Please remember that, always, dear ones.
We hold you within our truth of Pure Divine Love Essence Expression and we support you in yours, always. That is, your pure divine love expression coming from your pure divine essence and growing embodiment of your divinity, your divine nature expressing from within out, thus naturally and dynamically expressing your Pure Divine Love Essence in all that you are, do, think, and say. How beautiful this is.
We are Lady Nada and Sananda, in pure Love and Support of your attainment of this new, deeper, level of Pure Divine Love Essence Expression. Embrace it, beloveds.
Message Received April 18, 2016 ~ Copyright © 2011-2016 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message on your blogs and websites, provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included. Any other use of this material is prohibited without written permission. www.franhealing.com

Expanding the Divine Feminine

Kara Schallock, soulsticerising.com25-Apr-2016

While the merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is important for Balance, right now the Divine Feminine requires attention, support and nurturing. Remember that the Divine Feminine is Source and has essences of receiving, being, allowing, flowing and other yin qualities.  As we honor our Divine Feminine, we help to raise our own consciousness and global consciousness, for the vibration and Power of Source/Divine Feminine are increasing and as we focus on being the Divine Feminine, we help to bring Her consciousness onto Earth. Pay attention to who is drawn to you now;  they are responding to your Divine Feminine Source Light and recognize you as carrying the Soul Codes of Source so that they may awaken and/or empower the Codes within themselves. Those who are drawn to you do not battle with you nor resist the connection; there is no push/pull involved. There is no trying, controlling or fear-based emotions involved, for Flow is the way of the Divine Feminine.
A new frequency is being born within all; it is an upgrade of the Divine Feminine. It is why so many are connected to the carriers of the Divine Feminine aspects (Mother Mary, Maria of Magdala, Isis, Laxmi, Kali, Athena and many others from all cultures). There are those whose path is to awaken and empower the Divine Feminine leylines throughout  Earth. Of course, all beings carry the Divine Feminine Source Codes within to certain degrees.
Realize that if you feel depleted and feel done with this work of raising the vibration of Earth, that it is merely an indication that you have entered a new phase. You may feel very in-between and do not know your next steps. This requires you to let go and let it be O.K. to be out of control and directionless. It is the Divine Feminine at work within you. A new, much higher vibration is birthing. When this occurs, which is different for each one, things eventually fall into place and may be nothing you expected. Of course! It is New! We haven’t been here before and it is simply not a continuation or remake of the old. Yet, it can only occur if you fully let go and let be of what is happening (or not happening) currently. Flow; Be. Your intellect does not have your answers; it only knows the past. Separate ego may want to hold onto the old and familiar, so meditate and actively invite the Divine Feminine to you in order to activate and empower any dormant Source Codes within.
Be patient, for as you know, it does not happen instantaneously, for the Divine Feminine does not push. It is slow and gentle like water; and like water it is powerful…gentle and powerful. Anything that does not serve Her will be released, as do relationships that are not aligned with this higher vibration. Your Sensitivity will most likely increase, as well as your Intuition. It is also important for you to take care of yourself. There may certainly be times in which you will not be motivated to do anything. This may certainly bring up emotions of guilt and old rules, especially if “doing” has been hard-wired within you. Can you Be without the inner need to do?
If you feel completely drained and sense there is nothing on Earth for you, realize that this is a prelude to a radical shift. April is another power-packed month. There have been huge influxes of Light, especially during the Full Moon and what we refer to as Earth Day (April 22), when a major Divine Feminine Gateway opened. We have been made aware of what old beliefs and patterns are still operating  in the subconscious. While they may be more difficult to identify, for they are just below the surface, you know them by what life shows you. Whether you can identify them or not, they are still creating in your life. You can release these even if you can’t name them. If you feel depressed, you may be releasing old grief; grief that has been lodged in your cells for lifetimes. As we transform, we are both strong and sensitive. Allowing Vulnerability, which is complete Honesty with and about yourself, your Heart opens more. As your Heart opens more, you strengthen Soul and step more fully into your Authenticity. If you hide who you are, why? You are safe to be you. You do not need outside approval; in fact, if you need to please others by not being you, you might consider letting this go. It does not serve you, nor does it serve others. The Divine Feminine asks you to be All of who you are…openly, honestly and without apology.
As you become strong in the Divine Feminine, you open your Heart and create a space for the Divine Masculine to enter you for support and Balance. Remember, the Divine Masculine is within.
You are ready to receive your own information, and most of you already do. There are those, of course, that affirm what you already know. As always, be selective as to what and who you welcome into your space, for you are the final authority. Discernment is not intellectual; it is a Soul Essence and is felt. What you receive in meditations and dreams and symbols are your own guidance. What may be helpful is to keep a pen and paper near you when you meditate and ask to receive; write or draw your impressions. They may not make sense in the beginning, yet if you continue with this practice, they will become clearer to you.
In this new phase of Ascension, things will be easier as many have let go of struggle and resistance. This is due to your own choices, your release work and is a sign that the Divine Feminine is strong within you. As you flow, things become easier and you become lighter and softer. This is a time to take the path of no resistance, as long as it is not to simply go back into the old comfort. Let go of pushing and having to do something. Allow and Be. In this way, you are led in Grace to where it is best for you to be, even if that is to see what more there is to let go of or to integrate. Trust Grace.
Here is something fun to do…close your eyes and let your arms and hands play in the energy, moved by the energy. They may move to different parts of your body or they may create a beautiful dance. After this, let your body do the same. This is allowing the Light to move you in a physical way and integrates Light codes into your cells. Just play in Freedom and Flow.
In this new phase, consciously realize that you are no longer a part of the old matrix. There may be certain things you still do, like pay bills, yet if you look closely, you see how much has shifted. You see through everything and see/feel the truth or untruth. Your lifestyle has shifted to be more authentic. You know what is good for you; what keeps your vibration high and what doesn’t. You are clearer on what you are creating and are taking fuller responsibility for creating all in your life. You are seeing yourself and others more clearly and are spending more time in the New Now. Yes, you are becoming more and more crystalline (crystal clear) and multidimensional; seeing things from all angles and not just from the limited one dimensional view of the separate ego.
You are becoming more Soul-aligned. You are becoming more compassionate without the need to rescue or attach. You are letting go of needing to understand what, why, where, who or how. You are letting go more of resistance and surrendering to What Is. Remember too that as you rise in Love, any lingering pain (mental, emotional or physical) may feel like it is worsening for a bit; as this is how wholing works (as the old releases, it also brings with it old toxins). Trust and know that everything in your life is for your highest evolution. Trust in Divine Order. As you rise in vibration, you may also have experiences, visions and dreams that you can’t intellectually understand. That’s O.K; you needn’t know the reason behind anything. Simply allow. Observe. By the way, trying is basically the same as resisting. As Yoda says, “You either do or you don’t…”
If you look for evidence of the New out in the old world, you might think that nothing has changed. Oh, but it has and is! Seeing things as negative may show you where you hold judgment and duality within. It all depends on your perspective. As I view “out there” dispassionately, I most definitely see how things are shifting. Remember that when things shift, they must disintegrate first and surely, I am perceiving this in every aspect of Earthly life. When you look closer, you can see what I see; it all depends on what you choose to see. As you focus on Love evolving, that is what you see and create. When you put your energy into what’s dissolving, you get sucked into that vortex. We are creating a higher reality based on Love. Of course, it is your choice to be in fear or to be Love.
I remind you also that if you feel blocked, you can surrender to this quiet time, rather than resisting it, fighting it or judging it. I spoke of this in the last Ascension Note and I sense it is still affecting many. To say you’re blocked is to create more “blockage.” So let it go and let it be. We need not be constantly moving and producing; that is of the old. Be gentle and loving with yourself. Honor where you are and know that amazing things reveal themselves when you are still. There is nothing to do but Be. Do not worry; you won’t be left behind! You are loved and you are Love.


Mother Mary

April 23d


Channel: Ann Dahlberg
I am Mother Mary and I wish to speak a bit with you today. The Earth is advancing towards its completion and the joy can be felt in every living person on Earth today. My heart is full of joy and love for all my children on Earth today. We are now ascending together and it is a joy and a delight shared with all in the Universe today. The Sun shines gracefully on Earth and lets all its light penetrate everything that allows it to do so, deep into its most distant core. Everything is waking up and looks around in amazement. It both feels and looks differently, as if a new world of Light has opened up and now bids us to enter. This truth has opened up for you dear children. You have it already in your hearts. Your eyes are shining its light. Do not be afraid to open the door wide, it is intended that you shall enter this world now. Everything is there for you now, everything that your heart wished and longs for.
Do not look back, that which was is gone and is no more. It is the new that you shall welcome and embrace. This is where your steps will lead you now. Everything that was done is done, everything that is to be done will be done here and now. You are building the new world now with your intentions and visions. Your thoughts and goals are manifesting now in the reality you live in. The distance between thought and manifestation is not large today, so take care of your thoughts and yourselves. Think and envision that which is best for you and your life today. Tomorrow it can be knocking on your door, was it your dream that was fulfilled or was it something else that came up and first needed to be worked on. You are better off forgiving all old disputes and let them sail away. Negativity cannot come with you on this journey and can at worst hold you back from the bright road that you are now intended to walk on. Ask for help to let go of all negativity and the help will be at your door knocking. Let it in and let it do its job. It provides joy both to them and yourselves. All your guides, power animals and beings do not wish for anything else than to help you now. They also help themselves since we are all One. Many of your guides are also family members that wish to see you cross the finish line to world of Light that stand at the door. Take the opportunity now dear children and throw out the last trash and hurry in to the world of Light that is now open and waiting for you. Feel it deeply inside yourselves and know it is worth all the work required to get there.
You are now many who work for the same thing and you give each other assistance by dissolving some darkness together. Many of you have similar experiences so that when you dissolve something negative you also help others to dissolve similar things and vice versa. This occurs all over the Earth now. Much negativity has come up that is in the process of dissolving and disappearing. The hard part is done dear children, there is not much left now. You have survived the storm and there are only a few rain clouds left. They are also about to disappear and the New Earth is on its way to manifest in your reality today. This is why it can feel intense, full with work, interrupted by a peaceful calm and serene joy. This will transform to a strong calm joy that your body now has a hard time holding more than for a few moments. Your bodies are changing at a surprising speed, so be proud and take good care of them. They long for the light and will absorb as much as they can and are able to, depending on which condition they are in. In any case you can all follow the road of the Light regardless of which state your body is in. You just need to receive the Light and the Light and the body will find its way to manifest in the New Reality of Light.
With this I bid farewell and send my deepest greetings of Love to you all.
Mother Mary

Unfolding the Pure Line of Spirit

Ailia Mira – Expect Wonderful

Unfolding the Pure Line of Spirit

Sunflower1 holographic pure line ailia mira expect wonderful

The Council of Radiant Light

Channeled on 23 April, 2016 by Ailia Mira


The time is NOW. Be who you are.

The time is NOW. Let yourself be free.

The time is NOW. Step away from all you’ve known and let yourself discover what IS.

What IS is what’s NOW. What’s NOW is what is relevant for you. You will know it’s relevant for you when it IS.

What IS is perfect! You can feed deeply from what IS.


Let yourself know what IS. Let yourself focus your attention into NOW. Let NOW be fully received. Let yourself know you are this NOW and it is a full and beautiful expression of YOU. This NOW is YOU. It is YOU.

As you let yourself live the NOW and be in this NOW fully and freely receiving it and flowing…you will discover YOU. You will discover life. You will unfold the pure line of spirit! In you, through you, as you!


You will discover that life is more than the singular you, you are expressing it; you are expressing life. You are an elaboration an extension, an emanation of life. You are life and you are the moment expressing itself and you are life receiving and experiencing this moment. That is all. There is nothing else.

Everything else is distortion. A made up parallel that is going to collapse.

Anyway in which you don’t follow your spirit creates a parallel. It will collapse as you orient and flow into the pure line of spirit as you!

The parallel? It will be in the Akashic Records, so you don’t need to remember it or reference it or hold onto it in anyway. You are free to move on without holding onto it in anyway. It’s not you! It was you in it’s moment, but as that moment is complete, as another instant occurs, it’s not you, you are the PRESENT, “solamente!” [smile] As in, ONLY. You are the present.

Isn’t it a surprise to you that you are a gift and you are receiving the gift? You are the present. We are playing with words here and it is fun. That is what NOW is, now. (This now is fun!)

What if you let yourself be you and drop everything else? What if you let yourself be this free all the time? What would that be like?


The game has changed. Limitation is complete. It’s beautifully triggered a return to Oneness!

You are Divine Presence, expressing. receiving. Simultaneously.

It’s time to be who you are.

Now we are complete.