The Arcturian Group 6/26/16 Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele


Dear ones, we come with love, respect, and an understanding for you who are experiencing so much at this time. We would like to remind you that the world is now far advanced toward becoming fully aware and because of this, very few world events and personal experiences are accidental.
There comes a time for every serious spiritual student when “accidents” or unwanted experiences no longer represent third dimensional thinking, but are experiences necessary for some needed lesson or spiritual growth. As we have said before, once a soul chooses to evolve, the “train leaves the station”.
Everyone is feeling the higher dimensional energies now pouring to earth with increasing intensity. These energies are serving to open mankind to a higher awareness that is empowering them to seek freedom of expression, self rule, and new ways of living, being, and governance. Most people as of yet do…

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Now Is The Time!

It is time now, my beloved, to look to the future.  The tragedies, trauma and disasters are a clear sign of the old ways dying.  I will say this again; the old ways are dying and it is up to each of you to begin the work of healing humanity.  Some of those who have been awakened, but know not what to do with the information and physical signals of awakening will appear and act unbalanced.  Please do not ignore them!  It is up to every human who experiences and/or comes in contact with these people to send them Unconditional Love and healing thoughts through whatever doorway (whether it be past, present or future) they are willing to accept it.  You have been given the gifts you have for a reason….now is the time to put them into play! ~ Creator

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