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God/Source/the Universe always gives us everything we need in the moment for the tasks at hand & it is our job to recognize that ; tune into the guidance for direction

The Creator Writings

This is to the seeker; you have already found it, recognize it within yourself. This is to the traveler; you have

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Angel Message Monday!

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Your Angel Message
A light of blessings and abundance is being wrapped around you now and your angels want you to know that they are supporting you. They are encouraging you to trust in your intuition and any other guidance you are receiving at this time, as it will lead you toward tremendous growth and fulfillment. Many blessings are being showered upon your present situation. If you have not yet experienced them, know that they will be revealed and shared in the perfect time–space sequence. All the doors to abundance are now being opened to you. Angel wisdom is encouraging you to begin counting your blessings. Then you will be open to receiving even more of them.

Extended Message
Abundance is the spiritual reward for trusting and sharing our gifts and talents. When we align our choices and actions with the highest good, we will be blessed with opportunities. At this time you are in a place of deep spiritual connection and strength and are being given the opportunity to feel spiritually rich. Even if you are feeling sensitive or overwhelmed, the veil between this realm and heaven is thin, and you have light and support all around you. If you have any concerns about finances or assets, know that the hand of God is guiding your situation to a blessed outcome. Trust in your talents and the angels who are supporting you.

Channeled Angel Messages: Just Breathe… 😌

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Just Breathe...

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or off-balance in any way, bring your awareness back to your breath. Long, slow, deep breaths can work miracles in shifting your state of consciousness. 🙏 Here are the messages I received from the Angels on this:Channeled Angel Messages:“We are present with you always, dearest ones. In presence, you will hear the heart of God beating from within your chest, forever guiding you in the ways of peace, love, wholeness, and wellbeing. We Angels are summoning you into the miracle, peace-giving present moment now. Would you like to join us here in the heart of God? Do you wish to awaken into love and perfect wellbeing? Breathe slowly and deeply, and allow yourself to enter the present moment. Allow your breath to dissolve all that is not true. For the only truth is the divine love of your source, essence, and ultimate destiny. Breathe deeply, and be one with us. We Angels are forever holding you in divine love’s perfection.”Sometimes… instead of trying to solve every problem or challenging emotion you face with your mind, you can instead surrender to the divine. Breathe, and free your mental space from attachments to painful judgments. Breathe, and enter the higher perspective that your alignment with the present moment always offers. 🙏 And of course, call on your Angels to guide you. 😇 They will carry you, on your breath, into the joyful truth of love’s constant offering of perfection.Cosmic Energy Forecast:
Here comes the first Full Super Moon of 2021! ✨

Get ready for a big waves of change… 

This is your opportunity for deep shadow work, and for taking important steps in the direction of your destiny.

Hear what the Angels have to say on this in my latest Moon reading: With Love and Angel Blessings,


#1 Angel Awakenings Message – Chose Love


Tues.,Apr.20,2021 – #1 Angel Awakenings Message – Chose Love

Dave Annis,

Today we bring you a message of love. You are love & thus you know love when you witness it in some capacity. It resonates with you. Your soul does not argue the point. It just fits. You know somehow down deep; you just know. 

If a message or vibration is not of love you may feel an anxiety or a jarring of your sense of well-being. It may produce a litany of questions or arguments within. You may simply come to feel a sense of fear within & that something is wholly or partially not right. Pay attention to such emotions & feelings within for as quiet & subtle as they may sometimes be they are your guidance system.  And do not fear, for there is usually no anger but you are being offered up a choice in every moment to accept or reject such vibrations & messages as something you wish to go with or not . There is no right or wrong & no judgment, but there are consequences & you may be altering course or choosing a alternative timeline. It is up to you.

Nobody can tell you what is right for your soul’s expansion & learning, but know that there is a universal law of attraction that more of what you focus on will be added. If it is of love & you want to have more of a particular vibration then simply chose such vibrations & reject those that do not offer you such peace love & joy.

As beings created of & by love we know that your soul craves love & anything of such a vibration, so we suggest that you feel for such vibrations & chose such thoughts, bbut you are always free to do as you will & the universe will support you.

Namaste Great One – YOU ARE LOVE