For God to lack anything is impossible.

Originally posted on Jesus through John:
Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday December 28th As the year of Our Lord, 2017, draws to a close, make a point of giving thanks.  There are none among you who have been completely without occasion to give thanks in 2017.  Giving thanks is a very powerful energy exchange, much like forgiveness, which you should all also be offering to… Continue reading For God to lack anything is impossible.

Stay True!

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:
During this massive shift is it very important that you stay true to yourself.  Transparency, trust in oneself and trust in The Universe will be key in moving forward.  Presenting yourself as something/someone other than who/what you really are will hinder the growth and forward movement required during this monumental time.  There is no room for ‘false advertising’.  As… Continue reading Stay True!