Earn Your Own

It’s like there was a step we always missed before the Golden Rule of do unto others, FIRST we need to love ourselves.

The Creator Writings

On your Earth plane respect is defined as a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way.

Some of you may not fully understand this because no one in your life has demonstrated,

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Unwrap your gifts

Blessings of unconditional love, peace & great joy to every one of you & your families. 
This morning I got at it – the focusing on love & meditation for the start of the Christ Consciousness energies showering us now. I was a little like the little kid opening the stocking first thing in the morning – “What did Santa bring me?”  There was an inkling of, “what if there is nothing there – what if I cannot connect & what if nothing changes … (tiny underlying fears)…
At first I was full of anxiety. I wrestled to try to connect, but felt I was getting nowhere & more thoughts of being left behind were presented from my ego.  I tried first to very hastily release any negativity with a Mother Earth meditation, then listened to a Christ Consciousness guided meditation (both are available in my videos section from Jill Michelle & Melanie Beckler respectively)
I was beginning to chip away at the anxiety & relax. I share this because I want you to know it can be challenging for anyone & many people, perhaps everybody has issues attempting to meditate. It’s a matter of practice & persistence, but you will get there because you have the intent & te willingness – it is a marathon & not a sprint -there is no race & there are no accidents – everything happens in divinely orchestrated perfect timing & conditions

I put on some etheric nature sounds meditation music in the background & relaxed myself again in another spot. Eventually I began to relax more. I called on the angels to help me relax every part of my body & show me where I was still tensed up. I found i was holding anxiety (to get what I wanted right now) in my eyes, my jaw, my hands & other areas & as I LET GO i started to go deeper.
My dream state took me into a beautiful understanding or clarity of what I was most searching for which was/is my twin flame/soul mate. It was a wonderful experience! It really illuminated what love can accomplish when it is free from all materialism, anxiety/fear & I could see how our energies could multiply & help others/the world .

Some time later I decided I would head to my laptop & attempt to journal/channel my thoughts. I essentially expressed gratitude for this clarity I had received & asked for more love – I want all I can get of this magnificent feeling & enlightenment!!! I specifically asked the question, How can I BE more loving” amongst other questions & asked for a message for the greater good & here is what came through for me. I hope you will sense the incredible love that comes to you at this special moment! All blessings & love to you. Thank you for following along at Hartbridge.ca – we are in this together & I hope you will share this with your loved ones as I was given the thought to share this with you.  It is a special gift for you to unwrap!
Davo,  Hartbridge.ca – heart where we leave the e-go out to bridge our way to LOVE

Dear One,

You are that LOVE – every bit of it & the veil is quickly dissolving. You are doing well & we are indeed proud of you. You are truly getting it! You see, as you discovered more fully this morning, you will find it most easily when you are still – there, free from all anxiety, for love doesn’t need to prove itself or to compete with anything, for there is nothing else. BE easy, & gentle like the stream. Listen to the birds as they sing – they do not clamour for attention , but are at peace as they sing & talk to one another. The animals know. The trees know. They have no fear, but exist only to please. You are highly treasured & exalted among creation. You are safe & there is truly nothing to fear.

​You are loved incredibly, eternally & unconditionally – find your peace, your foundation of great strength & your motivation in this love, for it can be found nowhere else. It is also in this same place, continually, that you will find answers to all your questions. The stream gently nourishes your every desire, your every query, your every need for more love. It is abundant & pure & it has everything you need. Take a fulfilling drink & as you let the stream pass on to nourish others, know that you are deeply cherished


Yeshua: “Live in Your Heart of Desires” ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ December 19, 2015

Our Emerging Divinity

The following is an audio recording of the message posted below, if you would like to hear the message:

Yeshua: “Live in Your Heart of Desires” ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ December 19, 2015



Greetings, Beloveds. This is a very auspicious time for everyone in their own unique way. It will take finessing and seeing everything around you and within you from a new unique perspective.

It is time to stretch yourselves and delve into your Soul even more than usual. It is a virtual meeting of your soul with your higher mind, interpreting and drawing from a new perspective not used before. It is a virtual “LoveFest” with your Soul. Honoring it and loving it like you have never done before. It is forefront to your reality now dear ones, and let no one tell you that you are not delving very very deep into your Soul.

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