Those Offering Quick, Easy Solutions Right Now ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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Those Offering Quick, Easy Solutions Right Now ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very open-minded that we will entertain anything as a possibility, especially in regards to humanity and your spiritual evolution. We only want what is best for you, and anything and everything that could possibly bring you closer to knowing yourselves and everyone else as Source Energy Beings is something that we will consider.

We know that you are tired at this time, and it is when you are tired that you tend to look for relief from somewhere or someone outside of you. You ask for help, or you look for help, instead of realizing that being tired is temporary. You will get past this time that you are in where you are so fed up with how things are there on Earth. You need to remember that. You need to trust that things will get better, and you need to know that there is help coming from beings and collectives like ourselves. There is help coming from those who are considering all possibilities and looking down every possible timeline for humanity.

If someone tells you that they have it all figured out, that they have all the answers, and that all you have to do is follow them, you are more likely to fall for that when you are tired and fed up. But what we have found is the best possible thing you can do when you are tired is to sleep, rest, or meditate. Please do not go looking for the easy, fast, skip-over-ten-steps solution, because there will always be someone presenting you with that type of solution, no matter what you are tired from or fed up with.

You need to recognize that you have helpers that are unseen and often unheard and even unfelt, and you also need to remember that you have greater access to us when you are asleep, resting, or meditating. That’s when we really get to connect with you, and that’s when the solutions that we have been able to find can come pouring in to your consciousness, to your energy fields. You have so much available to you when you go within and seek out what is infinite and eternal inside of you, but we do understand why the quick and easy solution is so attractive, so alluring.

And perhaps you have gone down those paths before and have learned the hard way. Now you get to be the masters you were born to be, and you get to teach others about the folly of the quick, easy, and often shiny solution that someone is presenting to you. The only way that we know works is to go within and do the work on yourselves that you need to do, and we are speaking from experience up here in the ninth dimension where we remember all of our past lives. And remember, we are also observing all of you.

So, what we are attempting to say here is that you are your own best healer, teacher, and guru, and when you recognize that you often do let in all of the help that is coming from the higher realms and beings who really do want to help you, like ourselves and so many others who are of the light, from the light, and who have only light to give.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

What Those Who Are Truly Awake Have to Offer ∞9D Arcturian Council

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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are looking within ourselves to find more of that sense of oneness that is available to us, and the reason it is available to us is because the aspect of us that is youhas accessed more of your unity consciousness throughout this year. We know that unity consciousness doesn’t get the headlines. It’s not a very exciting story to report on the person living somewhere in the world, sitting alone in the dark, achieving that state of oneness that is what unity consciousness is all about.

And when someone does experience it, you have to take their word for it. When someone experiences it consistently, and begins to hold that consciousness and exude that energy, then they start to get the attention of others. Others can feel in their energy field that they have achieved this unity consciousness many times, and they might even be in it in that very moment, with their eyes open.

That peace, that clarity, that feeling of unconditional love for all does begin to attract a crowd, but that crowd is going to be unique because they are going to be able to feel it. If you are lucky enough to be one of those who has been able to attain unity consciousness in these recent months, then you can expect to be gaining popularity. Even though there are no billboards for it, and there is no form of advertising at all promoting it, unity consciousness is something that people desire. Most people just don’t know it is what they desire.

If you think about the accumulation of stuff and what that really is, you can see that people are really trying to become one with everything. They just don’t know that’s what they are doing. They don’t know they are attempting to feel more oneness by gaining more Instagram followers, but if you think about it, it’s what you really all want. Most people are just going about it the wrong way or the long way, because some who have everything they could ever want, so much fame and so much fortune, then come to the realization that there is an emptiness within all that stuff and loneliness within all that fame.

If you were taught at a young age that unity consciousness was not only possible, but that it was desirable, think of the world you would be living in today. So the world needs more examples of masters exuding that consciousness right now, and that’s what those of you who are truly awake have to offer. Find it within yourselves, exude it, emanate it, and then explain to others how you did it and watch the world outside of you transform.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

A Message to Lightworkers – Dec 21/20

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This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you again.

And so you find yourselves in the midst of a great Turning now!

This conjunction of which so many have spoken, of Jupiter and Saturn—two planets whose temperaments and interests seem so different—is indeed an event unlike any other.

It is so that you have crossed a great threshold this year, though outer events may seem to have made things difficult, as if you were losing ground as a race of beings, rather than gaining it.

Yet we are more than pleased to say that this Winter Solstice you witness this year is more than the usual turning of the tide, in terms of where the Earth is in relation to your Sun.

It is a great moment of Awakening for humanity, and a dissolving of barriers between you and movement into higher dimensional living on your planet.

A moment which nearly all of you have contributed to in ongoing ways for many years now.

Whether in the body or traveling etherically out of it, as you do in your sleep state, you have convened with Councils, cooperated with crew members aboard ships, traveled through galaxies far flung from Earth, and worked interdimensionally to establish a new energy pattern.

  • Decloaking cloud ships over New Mexico Highway

A pattern that would sew into fallow ground the seeds of higher dimensional life on your planet, and you have done it with real integrity and clear focus, motivated by Love for one another and your brave planet.

We say “brave,” because She knew the risks involved in supporting you in these missions.

She has understood the possible pitfalls of following the way of the Light, as you have done. 

She understood the opposition to establishing Earth as a Light source in your galaxy and your Universe, when others had devised structures which, for thousands of years, denied Her that status.

And now those structures have crumbled, and in their place comes the Lightbody presence of many millions of Light Bringers whose dreams will not be deferred.

Even those who put no real stock in the presence, movements, and alignments of the planets have felt the energies building for days now, even weeks and months, moving Earth into not only a visual of these planets aligned, but into a new era of Peace.

We hear what your hearts are crying out, as they ask, “Will there still be a struggle? Will we remain imprisoned in the sense of so many held in places of oppression and poverty, hunger and lack?

“Will it be soon, that we become sovereign and free?”

And of course, having been raised in the last dark depths of the third dimension, you must ask these questions with some concern, and no one could judge you for such.

We will only say, Watch your own shifting thoughts, inner indicators, and realizations over these next few weeks and months.

Watch that which you once thought unsolvable, un-healable, or lost whether it be Love, Abundance, Health, or Inspiration you seek—and see how new realizations, ideas, invention, breakthrough moments of new insight, increasingly come to you now.

Note your own life energies—that they feel Lighter, even in the midst of healing a trauma from a thousand lifetimes ago, as well as this one.

Note the life energies of so many others as they work to make sense of some loss, yet find a way to encourage or compliment another, be kind for no reason, or to give Thanks, though they have never had less to their name.

Go inward and ask your own higher self if he or she recognizes you from who you were even just a year or a month ago, and feel or hear them say, with a smile, “No.”

Watch your own inner dreams, your own vision for your life as you stop making space between that which you desire to have or be or experience, and allow the insights and energy evolvements necessary for you to walk into that reality naturally now.

You will know it is so, because you will feel yourself resonating with that new reality even before you see evidence of it around you.

“Can that be?” you may ask. “Could I have evolved beyond needing to see a thing appear before calling it real, before announcing that this is my life now?”

Yes, it is so, that this special time of the shortest day and the longest night is also a kind of Turning from that which you knew is not your true self, to that which is your authentic, empowered, intergalactic self.

And long may you know him or her, this delightful, wise, inherently loving and patient soul whose only interest is to know the Joy of being alive at every moment, and to encourage the same in others—all that lives and breathes and grows upon your planet?

Even the rocks in their ages-old Wisdom are humming at a higher vibration now, joining you, and the streams, rivers, the seas and the winds, in singing a far more inspired song.

There is a song of the journey now finishing, and another of the journey just begun.

We send our Love and admiration, dear ones, for you are not yet fully aware of all you have done.

Yet in that moment when you are shown the energetic realities of the lives you have lived till now, and see the ripples extending outward of the Love and courage you have sewn into the soil in this and so many other lives, you will understand.

When we speak to you in your dreams, we remind you of glorious images of unending beauty in a higher dimensional Earth, as well as the beauty of the higher realms, and of your own strong spirits.

We offer a living water to the parched consciousness of that which you carry within you, by offering you the particular sound and color frequencies that signal the integration of your higher self into your Earth body and Earth consciousness.

  • Photo by Meta Cerar

Increasingly now, you are become the unefforted aspect of your own Spirit that seeks to flow easily throughout the Universe, connecting beings of all races in a beautiful symbiotic connection and flow of intentions and expressions, cultures, languages, histories, and traditions.

“How can we become aware of all who live in the galaxy, and establish Peace with them, when we have not yet established it amongst ourselves?” you are asking.

We would say that, by far, the vast majority of your race do desire Peace—a complete and unending Peace that will not fade from view or be duped into complacency.

You desire this just as you desire that all be granted the dignity of the kind of Abundance that is positive and fulfilling, and that grants growth, healing, support, and renewal to all persons.

You have collectively chosen this, and it cannot be taken from you.

And so whether or not you are where you are able to see the Lights in the sky that signal the conjunction of these two apparently different planets, know that their energies are being interwoven in ways that are awakening even those who had thought they preferred to be asleep.

And that the very gates of higher existence open to you now, and will not close again.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Arcturian Group Message 12/20/20 via 


Welcome dear readers. We hope our message will bring better understandings and peace to you all during these times of confusion and chaos. Like everything else, holiday celebrations will be different this year when many traditions and religious gatherings are limited or banned.

Do not allow yourselves to be defined by your traditions in the belief that without them there can be no joy or proper celebration. Try to understand that present “down times’ are actually serving a good purpose because they are drawing many into a deeper awareness of how some of their current life choices hold them in place and block them from moving in new directions.

Traditions are created by beliefs and customs handed down from generation to generation through words and practice until they become necessary to those involved rather than being a choice. Traditions often dictate that certain occasions or gatherings must follow an established protocol that usually has rules regarding the correct time, words, or actions to be taken.

Tradition remains alive and well in organized religions, ethnic and cultural groups, families, and countries and is often endowed with power by and over the participants. Traditions can be fun filled and uplifting unless or until they become something that can not be breached, changed, or eliminated without real or imagined consequences. At that point they become idol worship.

It can be emotionally painful when activities you enjoy are no longer available but keep in mind that something much bigger than what you have grown accustomed to is taking place at this time. Allow the process to unfold. Ask yourselves, “Is it really important that this thing, event, tradition, practice, etc take place exactly as it has always has, or are present conditions teaching me to examine my belief system and think in new ways?”

Present down times offer opportunities for personal reflection, inner growth, and an honest examination of one’s choices and beliefs. Many are beginning to understand that there are other and even better ways of living than what they have long held as being right or unchangeable. Many are beginning to integrate and express personal empowerment through making choices to do, change, not do, or eliminate some aspect of their lives that feels finished regardless of family pressure, education, earlier goals etc.

Most seasonal traditions will return with a great deal of “hoopla” from those who believe them to be sacred and necessary and also by businesses who sell the accompanying products. Those who have taken advantage of present down times to examine their belief system and allow the “old and finished” to release, will discover when celebrations are once again allowed that they no longer resonate in the same way because consciousness has changed.

Traditions often become security blankets for those who hold them as being necessary and unchangeable. In order to evolve into a higher state of awareness, everyone must withdraw the power they have endowed on some person, place, or thing because it represents an activity of separation. We do not refer to the respect, honor, and gratitude naturally due to certain individuals, but we speak of worship and emulation that far exceeds normal appreciation. God (your true SELF) does not need a security blanket be it a tradition, belief, or concept.

We have spoken about the true meaning of Christmas many times, but we will speak of it once again because Christmas is on the minds of so many at this time. In its truest sense, the birth of Jesus represents the birth of Christ consciousness that takes place at a point of readiness in every person’s evolutionary journey. Every soul eventually comes to an inner place devoid of everything previously dependable and depended upon. This is the “dark night of the soul” and can last for some time. The Christ can never be born into a consciousness that is already filled with three dimensional beliefs and this phase of the journey is represented by “no room at the inn”.

When everything familiar fails and the person is forced to look deeper, he begins his inner journey (the solitary journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem ). This is usually an uncomfortable and lonely time depending upon ones resistance to change. He/she (perhaps over lifetimes) eventually finds refuge in a “humble stable” (his consciousness now devoid of beliefs in two powers and separation from Source) where surrounded by simplicity and peace he is now prepared to give birth to Christ consciousness. Those with eyes to see (the wise men) recognize, are drawn to, and give gifts of gratitude to the Christ (enlightened consciousness).

Birthing the Christ consciousness of your own being has been termed ascension or realization. The Christ is already and has always been fully present within every person, but cannot manifest outwardly until it is recognized, accepted, and becomes ones attained state of consciousness.

Christ is not a man, it is an attained title meaning illumined or light and is available to every individual because it is every persons true SELFhood. This is the point at which the followers of many world religions block themselves from spiritually evolving into a consciousness of higher truth. To believe that Christhood belongs only to a certain person is idolatry, the pagan worship of a god. When we believe someone or something to be more spiritual, deserving, or blessed, than ourselves or everyone else, we are in full acceptance of the belief in separation.

Jesus/Jeshua attained Christ consciousness but so can you. He tried to tell this to the people of his time, but they were unable to understand and simply continued and still continue to worship him as being the only son of God– better, holier, and separate from everyone else. Mankind has evolved and today is better able to understand the message of the first Christmas on this deeper level.

As with the original story, the new born Christ of every person needs to be held secretly and sacredly within until it grows stronger. It needs to be protected from the well meaning Herods that often exist in families, friends, co-workers, churches, etc. who will try and take if from you for your own good of course.

Know that as you evolve more deeply into the realization of your true self as Devine Consciousness, the high resonating energy of your consciousness expands further into your energy field where it then automatically dissipates many areas of shadow (pockets of old denser energy). This is why it is so important at this time to align with your true identity as a God being rather than continuing to put effort into fixing, clearing, and removing three dimensional appearances. Not everyone is spiritual ready for this step, but you reading these messages are or they would make no sense to you.

As you grow into ever deepening awareness, the Light of your own consciousness begins to automatically dissolve many of the issues still troubling you because the higher frequencies always dissolve those of a lower resonance. The clearing of old energy is usually a process that begins with the awareness that three dimensional issues reflect and are formed of three dimensional beliefs in them. This is followed by a willingness to surrender these beliefs and replace them with truth which then unlocks the door to new and higher solutions and resolutions.

Some things need to be addressed on a conscious level but many do not, often simply dropping away without you even noticing until at some later point you realize that they are no longer and issue. Life becomes much easier when the struggle to fix, heal, correct, or change the things you don’t like about yourself ceases. Allow the Light of your divinity to shine into every aspect of your life.

From a young age, everyone is told by parents, teachers, experts, government, and religious leaders how to live according to the belief system of those doing the teaching. Everyone is taught that they must “do this, do that, never think this way, change their thoughts, let go of certain ambitions, etc etc.” if they want to be happy or accepted. Do not allow old personal programming to continue making choices for you. It is a time for spiritual empowerment, to stand in truth and leave behind teachings that may have served you once, but which you have long outgrown.

You are ready for this deeper step dear ones, ready to embrace your divine nature and release that human sense of self with problems that must must be fixed. We are not saying that human footsteps are not to be taken or that you must never avail yourself of assistance from those who can help you in some way. When you feel the need for assistance of any sort, always ask within and let yourself be intuitively guided to those who work from a higher level of consciousness rather than those who may be popular or touted as being the best.

Trust your intuition in every area of your life from choosing the right dentist to finding a plumber because life becomes much easier and intuition stronger when you allow it to be your guide. You are ready to move beyond seeking only three dimensional solutions to problems–personally and globally. Continuing to depend on what is familiar or generally accepted will simply hold you in alignment with that particular energy.

Never attempt to live absolute truth before attaining the consciousness of it for you will be disappointed and question what you have learned believing that it really wasn’t true and doesn’t work. Your first step is to recognize that outer appearances as illusion, three dimensional mind interpretations of reality having no law to support or maintain them. The next step is to embrace what really is true through acknowledging ONE omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God as the only cause and therefore the only effect.

These steps gradually create for you a holy place (state of consciousness) in which your Christ can and will eventually be born.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/20/20

Powerful Cosmic Light of Rebirth

______________________ Message from the ‘Team’ ______________________ 

Powerful Cosmic Light of Rebirth
Peggy Black and the ‘team’Morning Messages via

We are here holding you and your planet in the space of this true transformation. At this time humanity is being bathed in powerful cosmic light of rebirth. This energy is being gifted by the celestials and galactic beings to activate your full potential and magnificence.

We want to convey the importance of these coming days. The vibrations that are being offered trigger a flowering of consciousness in the collective. This is what you have been asking for, intending and praying for, as well as anchoring. It is here; welcome this potent and powerful download of energy, codes and information. It is you who has called forth this awesome event. It is you who has invited this infinite shift in the collective awareness.

These celestial events are empowering the birth of a new consciousness. They are triggering a synchronicity and a quantum leap in enlightenment within each and every human. These vibrations bring about huge changes; there are those like yourself who welcome this surge of light and others who will find it shocking, disturbing and confusing. 

It is important for you to watch your own personal fears because this cosmic light will trigger all that is to be released. Watch your reactions, notice any numbness, confusion or chaos arising in the days and weeks to come. Allow yourself to relax into this process, allow this to move though all levels of your being. Willingly release any negative or misqualified energies you experience.

This is what you might call a galactic upgrade. For some who have done their work it will be much easier, however for those who have been resisting change this process might be a bit more challenging. Remember to breathe and relax, and allow what is transpiring to unfold with ease and grace. Remember to call forth divine beings to support and assist this transformation. Remember to acknowledge with gratitude the divine beings who have supported your visions and intentions for this change.

You are a warrior of light, here to anchor this new truth. You are here to call forth the new world order. You are to witness this awesome stargate that is available for humanity to move to the higher dimension. You have been waiting for this moment. You have been inviting and envisioning this very event.  

This shift of consciousness will continue to flower in all areas of this planet. There will be a surge of creative expression and awareness that will welcome the transformation of all that has been out of balance for humanity. The seeds of this potent cosmic moment will continue to flourish in the days and years to come. This is the beginning.

However, realize that you and humanity have crossed a threshold into a new expanded unified field of conscious clarity. Welcome this reality; use your prayers and clear intentions as seeds of light planted in the fertile energy that is being offered. This cosmic moment offers the opportunity to activate all the very best that humanity can be.

Allow yourself to tap into your full awesome potential. Allow yourself to recognize and honor the full awesome potential of others. Anchor and stabilize a sense of oneness, peace and harmony throughout your world. Welcome these infinite shifts activating this new world view.

Remember that any change takes time to manifest in this dense dimension. Realize that this is only the beginning. There still might be chaotic energies appearing, there still might be confusion and upheaval. However, be of good courage; these are only the remaining misqualified negative energies that are on their way out of this dimension. You can invite the power of the Violet Light to transform and uplift any of these heavy, negative energies, thoughts and actions within yourself or the collective. 

The very planet itself is aware of this acceleration of resonance. The most important aspect is for humans to hold  high vibrations of love, harmony, and oneness which will anchor this new resonance. The higher the love and coherent vibrations offered by you and other beings of the light, the more fully this shift of consciousness will be anchored.

This quantum evolution is being sponsored by the Great Central Sun. There are downloads of codes of light being given to humanity. These codes of light will begin to flourish and expand within each human on earth. These codes are an activation, a cosmic moment you and others have been waiting for. These codes will be the trigger to activate your personal rebirth into your true powerful potential. 

Every cell in your body will be healed. The past is over. Your inner being is filled with love and light. Allow your rebirth. Express self love, self awareness and acceptance. Accept this healing.

Release all that is no longer yours.  Envision humanity releasing what is no longer loving and kind.  Know that this transformation will unfold in time, be patient with others as they are triggered to transform their limitations. Be patient with yourself as you also release your limited beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Stabilize any wobble in your personal energy field and use this divine energy gift to its full potential.

We celebrate with you. We honor and acknowledge you for your incredible power and willingness to call forth this shift of consciousness. It is you who have held the course, stated the intention and prayed for the healing of your planet. Your intentions and prayers have been heard and fulfilled. We bow before you for your constant dedication to this goal. We are always here to support and assist you in anchoring this new world order. the ‘team’ 

©2020 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available

Solstice Energies, Crystals & the Mineral Kingdom ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Daniel Scranton via 

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been investigating the effects of the solstice energies on your world, and we are noticing that not only are they already upon you and among you, but they are affecting more than just humankind. These energies are affecting all of the dimensions that you have there and all of the beings that you have on Earth. You are currently living in four to five dimensions right now, which means you are already multidimensional beings. And when you are aware of your multidimensional nature, it is easier to be your whole self.

Not only are the animals and plants being affected by the solstice energies that are pouring in at this time, but the dirt is being affected. The rocks are being affected, and of course the crystals are being affected by the solstice energies. If you have crystals that you haven’t picked up in a while, go pick them up and hold them in your hands. Feel the energy coming off of them as they anchor in the solstice energies for you. They have to at times do some of the heavy lifting for you, because you are busy living your complicated lives there on Earth.

The crystalline realm is becoming a bigger player in all of this ascension business that you are wrapped up in at this time, and of course your planet is comprised of earth, rocks, crystals, and other substances that are affected by the solstice energies in a very powerful way. You know that there is so much going on energetically all the time, but there are times when everything is amplified, and you need help grounding all of the energies into the physical plane. You are all wonderful conduits because of your openness and because of your awareness.

You have enough sensitivity to know that something is going on, but you also have helpers. You have the beings in your life in animal form, in plant form, in tree form, but then you also have what you consider to be inanimate. The mineral kingdom has consciousness. You wouldn’t think of them as beings because they are not associated with a soul, but certainly when you look at a mountain or a mountain range, you can feel the consciousness that is present there. That’s the type of consciousness that is helping you immensely at this time. That’s why when we tell you to ground yourselves in your bodies and to Mother Earth, we really mean it.

Go connect with whatever you can that is a part of your world, or find an animal friend to connect with. Go out and buy some plants at the store and bring them home, and be grateful for their service. You are getting a tremendous amount of help right now from all angles, and yes, it is because you need that help. It is because these energies are so strong, and it is because this is a group effort and a group event. Ascension always has been for all, not just the chosen few, and what’s happening on your world right now is a representation of that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”