Worthy & Deserving

May we all learn we are abundant, beautiful, powerful & deserving this week! Namaste all/ONE

The Creator Writings

To grow you will need to release the old.  The hurts, rejections, resentments, negatives, and any unrequited experiences from the past will keep you exactly where you are now.  It may be challenging letting

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You Are a Divine Expression

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week’s issue, Archangel Gabriel is reminding us about the truth of who we are.

The Gabriel Message Card for this week

One Way to Harmony is to remember who you are in every moment,
a Divine Expression, Spirit into Matter.

Shanta GabrielThe spiritual principle called Harmony was first introduced to me by Archangel Gabriel in 1991. Prior to that, I had no awareness of what Harmony meant to me and why Harmony was so important to my life.

I found that Harmony represents alignment with Source Energy. It is connection to my Higher Self and the guidance working in and through all that I am. When I am in balance, I feel a sense of Peace and Harmony within myself. In short, when I am in Harmony, I am happy.

I started using Harmony as an intention. I would go into situations and ask to be in Harmony with all who were involved. My intention was to be in Harmony with my Highest Good and with that of all concerned. I also asked to be in Harmony with the Truth of my Soul. These intentions would feed the divine substance of Love and Peace into every moment.

Most of us are familiar with the idea of harmonies in the music of choirs or symphony orchestras. When music is out of harmony, it is glaringly obvious. Disharmony makes us very uncomfortable. In fact, that is my clue — when I am not in harmony, I feel uncomfortable. When I become aware of how uncomfortable my body feels, I can take positive action. From that point, I can start to breathe into my heart and come back into alignment with myself and with my guidance system. That is Harmony.

I looked up the word Harmony in the dictionary. The definitions are mostly musical, although there is one that says, “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.” This sounds like Harmony as perfect Well-being to me — living in a pleasing and consistent wholeness. It even sounds like a worthy goal for my life.

In the dictionary, there is also a reference to physics in the word harmonic. It is defined as relating to component frequencies of a complex oscillation or wave. To me, this relates to the power of Divine Light. We are standing in the midst of powerful waves of high-frequency light. When we are in Harmony, we can integrate this universal force of All Creation within our being and ground it through us to connect Heaven to Earth. We can then direct Divine Light into our own lives or to any place on Earth in need of healing and love. As we use these harmonic frequencies, it allows us to work with others in more Harmony because from this place of high-frequency alignment, we are all in Harmony within us to the Oneness of All That Is.

When we are in Harmony with ourselves it is easy to remember that we are all becoming a more Divine Expression of who we are on the Earth. We are each here in this life to blend our most divine selves in Harmony with our most human selves thus allowing all life to evolve.

Through becoming this fullest aspect of ourselves, we bring spirit into matter so all of humanity may live in true Harmony.

Divine Presence,

I call forth the Light Field of Pure Harmony into every area of my life right now. I ask to be so in tune with myself, that when I slip out of Harmony, I can reset the energy to be in Harmony in a graceful, automatic way.

I ask to be in Harmony with any situation that I am facing in my life. May this sense of Harmony guide and direct me so I can respond in more resourceful ways. May I be in Harmony with my Soul’s Purpose and allow that Presence to guide me at all times. I give thanks for the spirit of Harmony working in and through me now and always to be a blessing to the world. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
February 21, 2016

The Gabriel Messages #3

One way to Harmony is remembering who you are in every moment…a Divine Expression, Spirit into matter.

Dear One,

Who you are is so much more than a body in the material world. Your very essence is part of a greater whole — God in whom you live, move and have your being, the Source of all Life. This Presence expressing through you is the gift you give to the world.

Imagine what Earth would be like if all people remembered they were the Divine Essence expressing in a physical world. There would be so much more love, and so much less fear. In the essence of God, there is no separation into race or religion. There is no separation of any kind. It is all a great connected Wholeness.

When you remember that you truly are Spirit and your purpose is to bring God through you into the physical world, different choices can be made. In the world of Spirit, love, compassion and trust are key elements. In the world of Spirit, joy, harmony and peace exist in all situations. There is Freedom in your mind when you allow this truth to be in the forefront of your consciousness.

Release the need to believe as others do. Be the one who remembers God and speaks the truth. Be the one who blesses the world with the power of your remembering. If it is not appropriate to speak this truth, silently bless all people and situations when they are brought to your awareness. You will be a powerful force for Good.

When you find others who are in agreement with you, and who know the truth of their Divine Expression, pray together. The power of remembering Truth when two or more are gathered, creates an exponential leap of Divine Love and Light in the world. Join together in a conspiracy of Love to bless all people and situations where fear is the predominant emotion.

Many people believe there are better ways to live than what is apparent in the cities of the world. Many have even withdrawn to lead more separate and quiet lives. Never, however, doubt the power of one. One person can bring tremendous good to the world when they radiate Light from the consciousness of greater truth and love.

The energy of loving prayer and blessings strengthens the link all people share — oneness with God. When more people send love, blessings and prayers toward others, the very vibration of the planet is increased. An increase in vibration stimulates the power of Universal Light. Harmony, Peace and more love are then generated. This is the way to heal the world — moment to moment, each person blessing others and bringing Divine Love into every situation, instead of fear.

These actions not only assist all beings, they renew our faith in a benevolent and loving Presence within all things. From this place all are healed.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

One way to Harmony is by remembering who you are in every moment…
a Divine Expression, Spirit into matter.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
February 21, 2016