The Council – Pushing a Rope

The Council – Pushing a Rope

by Ron Head

The Council – Pushing a Rope

Pushing a rope is an apt metaphor for what many of you are trying to do. Stopping a stream by holding your hands against it would be another. These would be impossible tasks, agreed?

Now imagine pulling the rope downhill. Imagine – this is one of your favorites – ‘going with the flow’ of the stream. Not only would that be easier, but at times you might need to step it up to keep up.

So, the obvious question then becomes, which do you want to do?

We have addressed this several times in the past, but in this time, at this turning point, it needs to be covered again. We see you asking for help in coping. And we see most of you heeding only the answers that come from your own places of struggle. The true answer is that it need not be a struggle. Pushing a rope is a struggle, unnecessary struggle.

What are you struggling against? That is key. There is a tidal wave of incoming energies engulfing your planet, actually your solar system. Energy is consciousness. This is orders of magnitude above the energetic environment of your past millennia. When higher consciousness meets lower consciousness, the lower will always be raised. Always.

Now the make-up of your physical being needs to be upgraded in order to hold the higher frequencies that you will be raised to. Everything we have said to this point will be agreed to by most of you. Yes? And this leads to what you love to call ascension symptoms. You have adjustments to be made by the very cells of your physical bodies. And the incoming energies are causing you to ‘catch up’, as it were.

So why is this a struggle? It is a struggle because you want to be changed, but you don’t want to change. You are afraid to change. You want a new world. You are afraid of what it might be like. What about my dog? What about my cat? My husband? My children? What about this? What about that? Oh, lordy! Don’t let the rope slide back down here! Why can’t I get the water to stop?

We will ask you to consider that the unconditionally loving Source of your being, your Creator, your God, if that makes you more comfortable, is not about to cause you to suffer. “But look at the past!” you say. And we say, “Yes, it has been made a mess of, hasn’t it?” And we ask you, are you blaming all of that on some vengeful, wrath filled being? Or are you finally willing to admit that just perhaps this is a world of your creation?

The upshot of this is that what should be your enjoyment of having your deepest wishes fulfilled becomes aches, pains, confusion, and fear. Your energies will need to be realigned. There will be adjustments to your energy bodies. Your cells will change. Your very consciousness will change. These things will happen. It will happen because you decided that you would be here to experience it. As has been said that it is not happening to you, it is happening for you. There may be some temporary discomfort. There need not be suffering.

Now, see yourself as hunkering down, arms wrapped around yourself, trying to avoid the inevitable. See yourself as standing in a beautiful field, watching the sunrise, with your arms open wide, singing as you welcome a new day. And we don’t ask you to see the difference, we ask you to feel the difference. You see, the hunkering, the suffering, is like keeping your foot on the brake pedal. Accepting, allowing, understanding and rejoicing are like hitting the after-burners. There we go, mixing our metaphors again.

Your highest divine self is seeking to live as you. Please welcome her. She comes to you with unconditional love. You are a part of her. She is the all of you.

Still you say why? Here’s the why. There will be a new world. The old one was created by your desires, your beliefs, and your imaginings. Guess who is going to create your new one? But this time, you are going to be far and away more capable than before. THAT is what you have decided. That is what humanity intends. And that is what will be.

One more note: You are further along than most of you have any inkling of. Just look at the numbers of you. Just look! ItIS happening.


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Humanity’s Timeline ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Humanity’s Timeline ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the foresight to determine what is best for the human race in the long run, and we can give you messages and transmissions that will put you in a vibration that is more likely to influence you onto a particular timeline. You still have the free will to decide for yourselves what you are going to do, how you are going to vibrate, and which timeline you will ultimately choose.

We love you and want what is best for you, and so we look at all of the variables in determining what is best for you to know and what energies are best for you to have access to. Now, you can do the same for yourselves, and this is what we want to encourage you to do.

It is more challenging for you because most of you only access the past and the present, but that is enough. It is enough to be present and to feel for the vibration of the timeline that you’re on. You can determine for yourself whether that timeline suits you or not. What becomes more challenging for you is when you attempt to take the temperature of humanity and determine the vibration that the rest of the collective is offering.

It can be very challenging for some of you to believe that humanity is headed in a positive direction at all, but that is usually due to the fact that you are tuning in to what the media is emphasizing. If you want to truly take the temperature of humanity, and access the truth of the collective’s vibration, you need to connect to Mother Earth and feel for the vibration that she is giving off.

You can also look at the people around you and notice how they are evolving. You can tell by how a person’s energy feels whether he or she is moving in a positive direction, and although it may be hard at times to notice, we know that you can feel for the progress in the beings that you connect with on a regular basis. We know that you can, with a little effort, feel for the motion forward that humanity is making, and you can rest assured that this timeline you are on now is one that will lead you to a more joyous journey, and ultimately, to the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Trust in the Divine Plan

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We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week’s issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us how important it is to have faith that there is a Divine Plan within all things.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Trust in the Divine Plan, Bless it and
Bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.

Shanta GabrielIt is sometimes extremely difficult to remember that there is a Divine Plan at work in our lives. In fact, I have heard it said that if we could just relax into it, there is no way that Life would not take us to our most Divine Destiny.

When there are situations that appear so dark, senseless and violent that we can’t imagine that Divine Order is there, it is at those times that we must employ Radical Trust that God is working in and through all people and situations to bring forth the Highest Good for all concerned.

When we can’t think of anything to do because the situations are so disturbing to us, the process of blessing is very powerful. When we bless something, we confer energy upon the subject of our focused intention.

This is a very powerful tool for a number of reasons. One, it gives us something to do so we do not feel so powerless in the situation. Two, it actually works to bring the power of Divine Light into the field that looks so dire. Divine Light contains the intelligence of God. That means that the Divine Intelligence inherent in the Light we send into any situation will know exactly what is necessary to bring about Divine Order. Light also carries Divine Love within its field. We know that Divine Love is the greatest healer of all. The Light we send carries God’s Love to heal all the hearts involved in the situation we are focused upon.

These are powerful tools we can bring into our world at this time. When we remember to pray for Divine Order in every situation, it helps to settle our minds and know that there is a Greater Power at work. We can then relax control and allow the flow of this divinity to work in and through all the situations that seem so big that only a miracle of divine proportions can bring about benevolent outcomes.

We have access to those miracles with our thoughts, prayers and the blessings we send to every person and situation in the world. It is Divine Order.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for lifting my thoughts and intentions into the realms of transcendent awareness. May I remember that God is working to bring Divine Order into the world at all times. Expand my focus of attention and trust so that more love can circulate through my energy system and radiate from my heart.

Please send the blessings of Divine Love and Intelligence into all situations that are needing Light to be uplifted. Thank you for blessing with Divine Light all those who are personally involved in events that seem so difficult to understand.

With every breath I take, may I be blessed by the Light of True Understanding so that my heart can radiate Divine Love into the world at all times. May all beings live in harmony with Divine Order, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
April 29, 2018

The Gabriel Messages Book #9

Trust in the Divine Plan, bless it and bless the Divine Order
inherent in every person and every situation.

Dear One,

When you trust in the Divine Plan, you are moving into the Universal Flow of Good. You are acknowledging that there is an underlying energy within all things. This is the energy of God, and it is part of the Divine Plan for all beings to live in Harmony, Love and Abundance. You can trust this.

When you bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation, it increases the spiritual energy flowing through whatever you are focused upon. Blessing brings more love through the energy of Light to the person or situation, which brings an immediate improvement.


Divine Order exists as the underlying truth within all beings and all situations. It is a powerful affirmation for life and can be used as a mantra to remind you of the greater truth within all circumstances. This means repeating the words “divine order” to settle your mind, and to bring you peace. When you don’t know what to do, claim “divine order” and your mind will align with this powerful reality. Divine Order is being in perfect alignment with God on every level of your being. Remembering Divine Order, and proclaiming it, assists the energy around you to fall into perfect alignment.

These very simple steps of trusting, blessing and remembering can bring you peace of mind in upsetting situations. The more often you remember, the stronger you become. Your inner sense of peace will become unshakable because you have aligned yourself with the ultimate truth at all times.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Trust in the Divine Plan, bless it and bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
April 29, 2018

Breaking Free from Programming

Breaking Free from Programming ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are breaking free from the chains that you placed upon yourselves before incarnating in this lifetime. You had to have these chains in place until you were ready to bring yourselves to the fifth dimensional frequency range.

You knew that there were certain experiences that you had to have this lifetime to set yourselves up for the full integration of all aspects of who you are and who you have been, and now that you have lived those experiences you have much more freedom than you have ever had in any Earthly lifetime.

The chains are no longer there, but the programming still is. Part of why you knew that you would be able to limit yourselves in the ways that you have has been due to the programming that was in place before you got here and all of the new ways that have been derived to attempt to keep the vast majority of you from knowing your power.

The easiest way for you to release yourselves from the programming is to turn off your TVs, your computers, your phones, and all of your devices, get out into nature, and feel for the truth of the high frequency energies that have been competing with that programming for quite some time. Just as you are free from those chains, you have made yourselves available to these energies, and they have made themselves available to you.

But the lower frequency vibrations of the social programming has been the interference. It has been keeping you divided. It has been telling you that you have reason to be afraid, and it has you striving for a level of success that has nothing to do with becoming more of who you are.

That is why it is so important for you to tune out the programming and tune in to the energies that are available to you in the atmosphere, the energies that are coming up from Mother Earth, and the energies that are projected from your sun. You have access to so much more than you allow yourselves to receive, and it’s time for you to grant yourselves that full access in the here and now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Heavenletter #6300 Create New Images of Yourself

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God’s New Series – Heavenletter #6300 Create New Images of Yourself, April 26, 2018

God said:
Beloved, be good to yourself. No more are you to rant and rave to yourself about how you are not doing great or even well enough. I will not have it. If you see yourself as caught up in a vise, it is you who catches yourself in a vise. No one else is doing it to you. Beloved, it is yourself that you clamp down on.

Come now, Beloved, create new images of yourself. Open up your life. No reducing your Self-image, not even once more. No, not even once more. I won’t hear of it.

Come closer. For Our purposes, seat yourself in an apple tree on a thick limb close to the tree trunk. Lean back. Bite into the apple, yum yum, sweet and juicy. See yourself content like this. This is how to look at yourself, most especially when you feel forlorn.

First, your description of yourself in a vise isn’t a happy word picture at all. Remove that unbefitting image of yourself, not let it occur to you ever again in this century. Look, you are My Created Child. Never did I possibly create you or anyone as downtrodden. I will not have you thinking like that for even one second. I will not have it.

Come, there are better ways to think of you. What pops into My head this minute is to think of you emblazoned in the Sun, fully beloved by God. Yes, this is good – emblazoned in the Sun and fully beloved by God. There are no limits on what I can be thinking of you, come to think of it.

Or, perhaps now, you are sitting on the beach. The Sun is streaming on the sand and streaming on your cheeks. Now you are ready to go back into the ocean, an honest-to-goodness ocean such as the great poets write about. Now you jump back into the blue ocean. Now the sand on your toes becomes dry. Now you squish your toes into the wet rim of water leading to the waves themselves. To think if it – the ocean – and now you happily wade toward the midst of the ocean blue.

You walk into the waves of the ocean. You float on your back, and you think: “Yes, I lie in the arms of the ocean until I once again walk on dry land.”

The ocean and the sand and the Sun are ever eager to welcome you. Your love, their love, all love requited.

Now you think of another area of Earth where you are pleased to visit – a green field close to your heart. You lie on your back. You chew on a blade of grass. You look up at the blue sky. You are happy to look up. You are happy to chew a blade of grass, fresh-picked.

Pull out memories such as these and remind yourself of how gracious Earth life is to you.

These settings are worthy of high dreams. Feel free to revisit them. Reawakening yourself to positivity isn’t living in the past. It is waking yourself up to some of the treasures of peace you already have before you.

Surely, stories of the past may be sad stories you are to move on from. They may keep you bound where you no longer belong. Choose elevating scenes from your beginnings that give you even a little smile – an image that leads you to more fertile fields where you would like to go, maybe to a scent of hollyhocks or the moment when you first caught onto writing your name or to reading your first book and the illustrations that still swim across your eyes.

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Dream the Dream

Dream the Dream

God said:

Beloved Beloved, where did you get the idea that life is supposed to be all cookies and milk served to you as you recline cozily in bed and sip your morning tea before you begin this day before you?

You know, life is a mixed bag. Life is coming to you in every moment. Dreams do come true, yet dreams are not obligated to come true in the moment you say the exact way you say. Anticipate that all your dreams will come true, yet allow the freedom for your dreams not to have to come true so quickly or just so. Go ahead, it’s okay to wish a while. Grant your dreams free passage. Dreams are free spirits. Dreams are not: “Sign on the line” sorts of left brain thinking. You can request all your dreams to come true, yet dreams are not beer on tap, now, are they?

Dreams, by their divine nature, are not iron-clad contracts – even as they already are some kind of contract, you don’t have to have the thought of them ahead of time as you do. Dreams are forward mentions of themselves, as yet, sans commitment. A dream of itself may want to dream on and consider more possibilities to come.

Dreams are rather like hippies who like to go this way and or that in the moment according to how they feel. You can’t quite pin your dreams down, or they wouldn’t be dreams. So, I tell you to dream, anticipate your dreams’ coming true before your very eyes, yet not feel let down when a dream has not yet fully filled your heart. Dreams can always come true. Anticipate and wait. There is no cut-off date for dreams to come true at the instant you would like your dream to arise for public consumption until it is good and ready.

In one sense, We can say that a dream comes true the moment you dream of it. Let’s say that when you dream your dream of a beautiful light blue ball gown with rhinestones, and you feel yourself swinging and swaying in your beautiful dream, you already are wearing the ballgown.

Sooner or later, an invitation to a real-live ball will arrive, and a gentleman in a tux with a supermarket bouquet of flowers will appear at your elbow and a golden VW will await you on the curb around the corner. Then you can breathe, and then you can go on to the next dream and the next.

You are free to dream whatever you wish and whenever you wish.

Cinderella dreamed of a Prince and probably a Fairy Godmother before the carriage appeared to take her to the ball.

Your dreaming the dream means you are well-disposed for the dream to come true. You are ripe for the dream. It is already yours. It may take a while before your dream enters center-stage.

Dreams are not yet facts. Dreams are clearly not racing horses who are to be whipped in order to speed up the process – perish the thought. Dreams are entitled to stay dreams for as long as they want to be dreamy-eyed. Dreams are free to take their own sweet time. This is the nature of dreams. Dreams do not usually fulfill themselves in one sitting.

Enjoy the dreaming of your dream. If you dream of a chocolate bar, there is no law that says you must pull off the foil wrapper and eat up the chocolate right away. Dreams don’t have to be eaten on the go. Let dreams sit for a while. Savor the thought of your dreams for a while longer.