Let’s Party!

Let’s get this party started! There will be laughing, dancing, music & great food to nourish the soul. There will be lights – so much light! Every colour of your rainbow & beyond! All we need is your presence in love. Open up your hearts, let yor soul sing again. You are beautiful- so beautiful! – Source


Wow, we’ve just been blessed with a profoundly simple catch phrase that holds SO MUCH power & truth
It is incredibly deep! And it truly is the answer to every problem there is. The trick is, it is so simple, its power can escape you & you can miss SO MUCH!  I just want to urge you to really focus on it & make it part of your daily spiritual work- the rewards can take your breath away, overwhelm you with love.
I t was given to me in a moment of mindfulness & I am sharing it here with all of you, with great gratitude

Love is all that is. Love is ALL, Love never fails. It is the absolute most powerful force there is. There is only love…
BE – allow love, just be, live it, OWN  IT for you are love– you were made from Love
Be aware – this takes you into the moment if you are not already there, to the place where fear does not exist, only love, happiness, joy, peace, wisdom, & truth reside – it’s where reality is; in the MOMENT

This phrase asks us to notice -take your attention off all fears, anxieties, todo lists, worries, judgements & instead to notice or at least search for love.  Everything around you is a miracle of love in some way & we just seem to walk right by without ever recognizing – so stop and smell the roses!
To be aware is not only about seeing, it is about using all of your senses plus the spiritual awareness that is awakening within you – feel it, see it, hear it taste it, smell it, know it, feel its energy as best you can recognizing it as love

It’s all love – it was created and co-created from the energy of divine love- all of it. Wow!
There it is – it’s in that flower, that bird, that cloud, that stone, this woman & that man, yes even the angry one & the vagrant & the self-centred businessman… it’s there & its up to you to see it, as the universe sees it -with eyes of love.
It’s in you, as well, in fact it is you – the true you within lying beneath the veil of the ego…

“BE AWARE OF THE LOVE THAT IS THERE” , Hartbridge.ca, Davo
That is – asks us to recognize that all of it is love. It IS the real reality & fear that we see with our worrying angry, anxious eyes is actually the illusion. I AM is really the same thing- we are & that is are like synonyms of the truth that all is love & all is one – that’s all there is  = there is only love!

Whatever you focus on expands. This phrase asks us to stop everything else , to leave behind the whispers of the ego & focus on the goodness of love that is all around us. As we do this, it expands – it becomes more as our awareness of it grows. In this moment you have stopped the flow of negativity & fear that is the illusion & focused on the reality of love that is all. You are adding good to good causing your awareness to grow even higher where you will notice more, adding more good to the good that was already there…& so on & so on

***There are many false illusions, pitfalls & half-truths along the way. Many who will distract you with promises of money, power & try to cause you to settle for something that is missing the pinnacle energy of divine love. By focusing on the love that is there it will guide you to the ultimate utopian love I’m talking about. So if you see evidence of fear, the buy this latest secret or else, or the dangling carrot that plays upon your ego, be careful! (don’t fear them, just notice them & turn towards love instead)
This truth, this phrase is FREE & FEEDOM, it is neither pushy nor controlling – this phrase IS LOVE in itself given to me to give to you, because YOU are SO loved!

Now can you see what I’m talking about?!  This gets deeper & deeper – it blesses you more & more as you put it into practice.  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  It has to, for LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!  All you have to do is be aware. The more you practice it the greater will it BE.

This message is from the Angels, Guides, Jesus & the Masters thru Davo at Hartbridge.ca. Please share it broadly & repeatedly (so we can all “get it” deeply) & make reference to this blog so that others may be helped – as ONE  we will all benefit!

Davo butterfly

Again! Repetition helps… “BE AWARE OF THE LOVE THAT IS THERE” Hartbridge.ca, Davo. Blessings to you

Be Yourself… love completely

Dear Ones,

Today we bring your greetings from on high to remind you that we are always at your side ready to assist you in any of your needs & in your soul’s callings. You are never alone & always, you are more dearly loved than you can possibly imagine. There is nobody quite like you & yet we all share as one benefitting from the knowledge attained through your voyages of discovery. You may have heard this before & yet it bears repeating for it is a profound truth & something that runs contrary to what your ego & your societies have long been teaching you. You are truly magnificent!  Do not be afraid to be yourself for in that lies your true awakening -your ultimate happiness to which nothing else will compare. Go ahead, be astouding. Love completely! We are with you all the way!

The Angels of Light