A Message from My Guides – Letting Go

Oct.18/19 A Message from My Guides -Letting Go

Channeled by Dave Anis, Hartbridge.ca

Good day Dear Ones!

Today we would like to take this opportunity to encourage you towards what you truly want – so bad you can taste it, so to speak. We know how hard you have worked, how long you have struggled against opposition from the world around you & certainly  against your own fears. Indeed you are often seemingly opposed on every side from various conditions, from politics to weather to …well the list is enormous & it does not serve to recount the ways. In fact this is our first point. Let go of the need to correct others, to change their minds or to defeat them in some fashion. Let go secondly, & in much the same way, of the need to control any situation. In both areas we see you expending vast amounts of your truly incredibly power in what amounts to be counter-productivity.  You see, whatever you place your powerful attention towards your power also goes. You are creating monsters you wish to eliminate. Do you see how difficult you make things for yourself?  Certainly there needs to be changes & so there will be. It was not a ‘mistake’ to have done so, but merely a powerful lesson learned, provided you do learn.

As always you have free will & may continue to place your energy wherever you see fit in accordance with your level of awareness & what you are meant to learn & to experience in this incarnation. The same holds true for everyone else on the planet & one cannot fully know what another has gone through, or is here to experience & the role they are meant to play… 

So we say let go of those needs to control an outcome or another’s position. Let go also of, as we eluded to, the outcome. In the same way, let go of the conditions or circumstances of the various happenings in your day. You can move forward in trust & faith that everything that Source & the Universe brings into your path is there for a reason to help you & not to harm you. The end results will be what you have intended, but the route is not of your choosing & expecting this to go a certain way may cause you to miss a great blessing, a wonderful lesson &as always, the something more the Universe wishes to lavish on you!  

As our channel David often says, “Glow with the flow & flow with the glow- let the love in your heart be your guide & you cannot fail. Letting go will enable your freedom to flourish & your faith will be raised to soaring.

 It’s up to you.  Enjoy your day!