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The Creator Writings

My darling one; there will be times where you feel stuck and that is OK.  There will be times where you feel that you have not done enough to enhance your growth and that is OK.  There will be times where you feel like you have not made any progress at all and that is OK! 

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The Council

We have spoken before on the topic of oneness, we wish to revisit it today. Will you understand it when we are done? Will you ever completely understand it? Let us tell you now, before we begin, that your learning, as well as our own, will never be over. Things never cease to change and evolve. But we are curious beings, are we not? And so let us see if perhaps we can give you a new thing or two to consider.

You often hear it said that all is one, that everything is part of the One. And a great many of you have begun naming that the All That Is. And that is a good thing. That is a very good thing. But a great many of you also do not spend very much time contemplating what that my mean. How does that change your understanding of yourselves? How does it change your relationships with the others around you? How does it change your understanding of those things that you see around you? Does it move the dividing line between what is you and not you? Better yet, does it remove it?

A thing to consider might be this. That if all is one, then there can be no dividing line between you and anything or anyone else. If all is Self, then there is no other. I am that. Have you heard that before?

Now let us assume that this is not news to you. And for most of you, it is not. What we would like very much to happen from this point forward is that you begin to look at things as an extension of yourselves, that you begin to actually feel and sense that you are far more than you ever felt before. We know that this is beginning to happen for many of you as you move into this awakening time. And that will continue. It is such a new feeling for many that, having felt it, you feel confused and do not understand what happened for that moment or that few minutes. If it was minutes, then it is clearer for you, and you do know that it felt good.

Many have felt a oneness with a consciousness that seemed foreign to themselves. Allow that to happen more. Just allow. Walking upright felt foreign to you at one time even though you saw others doing it. Just remember, all is one. That is me.

When you truly know what that feels like, you will treat it far differently. If you truly know that it is you, you very likely will take better care of it, will you not? Much of the problems in your world could not exist at all if the incorrect ideas of separation were not a part of human consciousness.

And so, there is a great change in the world approaching as more and more people begin to remember the oneness. We say remember because each of you has at one time or another been a part of a culture that knew and practiced these things.

And we will repeat another of our favorite themes here. Since all is one, you cannot change your consciousness in any way without changing the All That Is. You cannot feel a oneness with your surroundings, with your neighbor, without benefitting everything and everyone.

Very often you also hear, love yourself first. Well, consider that you could very well leave the word first out of it, because there is no one else to begin with. So, as you feel about yourself, you will find that you feel about everything else, as well. If you do not love yourself, you do not and cannot love another. You can act as if you do, and that is a good start. But eventually you must learn that love of self must happen. There is only one of us here. There is only one.

And by the way, does that not put an entire other slant into the understanding of no time and no space? It is all you, so it is all here and it is all now. Again, the problem always comes back to the idea of separation, here and there, now and then, you and me.

If we have given you enough to think about for a few minutes, then we will end this and return later. There is always another thought to consider or another piece to add to the puzzle. Good day.

The Council, Channeled by Ron Head, Oracles & Healers

PLEASE THEREFORE TREAT YOURSELF WELL!  Have fun & enjoy our day together . Davo

The CORE Issue

Dear Ones,
Today is another beautiful day to love. This moment, all around you is jam-packed with beautiful treasures if you will allow yourself to see. You have perhaps heard such things many times, but it is a truth that bears repeating for like all lessons it is repeated until learned. If you have chosen to open up your senses & to become more aware, you have no doubt discovered that this is indeed true. Still one forgets or rather gets distracted, & furthermore there is far more that remains to be seen.
Your ability to see pertains to the amount of light which you have allowed in or to be realized. It is indirectly proportional to the darkness or false beliefs you have released from within your being, or that which hinders your ability to sense the love. Sometimes you may be given to think, “well I just released a whole bunch of things”, but we would tell you there is still more. Like layers of the onion, there is more work to do. You must learn to see this as a good thing! The more you have released, the more light you may enjoy! It is important you enjoy the journey rather than fixate solely upon the end result.
Whatever you are able to experience in your 3D illusion is but a clue to your inner world. All is co-created from the meta-physical or spiritual realms which IS reality. It starts here, not vice versa as you are so long accustomed to believing. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner reality. This should give you clues to what you are able to experience & to what you deem needs to change. It also illustrates the importance of seeking within. It is difficult to find satisfactory solutions to the challenges one faces without for its ultimate source is in consciousness. You may observe the projected symptoms of an inner issue in the events & issues around you for these reflect for you what is within, but dear children you will eventually discover that the true solutions for your core challenges are within. Outwardly, you may find “Band-Aid solutions” of the ego, but a lesson will be repeated until learned – the goal is for complete healing, understanding & to discover unbounded love, with nothing half-way or mediocre about it!
The Angels of Light