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My favorite pancake restaurant

When I was younger I loved pancakes. Excuse me, I loved MAPLE SYRUP. Pancakes were a way to get as much maple syrup on my plate, my hands, and my face.

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The Lightbulb Experience

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:
There are moments in your past you will look at and say, “There!  That was the exact second when everything changed!”  It could be the moment when you finally realized you were truly connected to The Universe or when someone/thing gave you the courage to begin seeing yourself as…

Release Them With Love

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:
Doubts, disbeliefs, fears, insecurities, sadness, pain and lack are all pointers. Experiencing them shows you exactly what you need to change. You are always given a choice; wrap them around yourself like a blanket, content to live with them or release them with love. Free will is yours. ~…

Revisiting You

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:
For just a few moments today; move away from your adult and revisit your child. Listen to how the wind blows, smell the sweetness of flowers, let your hands enjoy the different textures around you, look at your world through a child’s eyes. Reacquaint yourself with beauty of curiosity and…

Free Will

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:
What would your life be like without pain, heartache, grief or anger? What would that look like to you? You are The Universe’s most perfect creation and has already seen your life without the challenges. All that is left is for you is to start experiencing it. Free will…


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