Peaceful Allowing

Dear Ones

We are the Council of Light & we would speak with you whose hearts are open on the subject of peaceful allowing.

Sometimes in your eagerness an anxiety develops for more of goodness & love. Sometimes from the ego, some of you perceive, also through habitual time-based rat-race mentalities, that this is a race. Relax. Let go! It’s all perfectly orchestrated in exacting measures. It is all tailored precisely to your individual needs & truths like the most elegant suit. For you are UNIQUE, there is no other song in the universe that resonates as yours. Trust this & know in the silence of your heart that this is so.
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When your mind races with a myriad of thoughts & you hear thoughts of urgency spring forth from your mind, take a deep breath & return to the peace only found within. It isn’t “out there”. Know that anything that presents in fear is an illusion, it is not true, it is not real – anxiety, racing another, competing for love or to be the best & fear of missing the boat are not truth. Love is like a gentle stream, that flows easily nourishing all as they are thirsty. Love is not in a hurry & deeply cares for every soul equally, unconditionally.

Come to the fountain of love – the abundant flow that never can run out – have as much as you like, as often as you like, it is for you because you are YOU

With great Love,
The Council of Light

                                             through Davo at, please share widely


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