figure-drawings-814It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend & many of us are frantically preparing for the big feast when we bring our families & friends together to stuff ourselves with turkey , pumpkin pie & (too)much more!
Sometimes these can be apprehensive times due to perceived & anticipated worries about the meal preparations or how that will be received, but even more often & at the core of worry can be concerns of family relationship issues…
It’s important to consider these thoughts & understand them – therein lies great opportunity for release of ego & forgivenesses so that more love can enter. Also to realize the pitfall that await if preventative measures of bringing in light protection & launching yourself into that love space where you become the observer instead of getting emotionally drawn into issues- it’s all good!  And who is your family anyway? It is not merely your blood family, but could be construed as any close-knit group or community. Either way we look at it here’s the important thing to remember…you picked them! Before we incarnated we chose our families to come into as ones we deemed perfect for the experience we wished to have. Certainly there has been divine intervention – the point is, they are perfect for you (& I). Something about each member is there as your teacher, no matter how young or old, intelligent or simple you may perceive them. They are exactly what we need – there are no accidents, & it ALL LOVE, so we may as well accept whatever  as the perfect love we need at this stage in our journey. It is only when we are in the space of love/open to learning that we will be able to see what we need to learn & also to help others.
Make it a goal to look only for the good in each person, not to preach at them, but just to accept everyone where they are at in THEIR journey without interfering – that is Christ Consciousness in action.  Being grateful will help you be in the right state quickly – after all it is Thanksgiving – it should be every day!!!

I hope you will find this most helpful & that it leads you to more peace & happiness in your journey.
Feel free to share these messages, ask questions, & to share your victories along with links to this site ( )  Happy Thanksgiving!.  Davo 🙂


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